Crowns and Bridges


Crowns are used to restore worn or broken teeth where simple fillings are not suitable. Crowns can restore function and protect the underlying root structure form further damage. Crowns can now be made to look like natural teeth and can be metal free for superior aesthetics.

Crowns are also used on teeth after root canal treatment to protect from further risks of damage. The tooth can be prepared and impressions taken before a skilled technician makes the crown which is then fitted with a strong cement at the next visit.


Bridges are used to fill gaps or spaces where teeth have been lost. Bridges again can be metal free for superior aesthetics and a natural looking smile. The adjacent teeth are prepared and impressions are taken before fitting at the next visit.

An initial assessment of the health of the teeth and analysis of the way the teeth meet prior to constructing a bridge will be necessary.


Porcelain veneers are a minimal and conservative option to transform the shape, alignment and colour of your teeth.

After consultation to assess the exact result you are looking for an impression can be taken to design the appearance of the veneers. Minimal tooth preparation and further impressions are then needed. When the final porcelain veneers are made they are bonded to the teeth using strong cement resulting in a new smile.