Dental hygienist

girlDental hygienists are specially trained to work with the dentist in giving care to patients. They play an important role in dental health care and are mainly concerned with gum health.Most people suffer from some form of gum disease and it is the major cause of tooth loss in adults. However, the disease develops slowly in most people and it can be slowed down to a rate that should allow you to keep most of your teeth for life.

Our hygienist Christine will show you the correct home care and how to remove plaque, while professionally cleaning the teeth. This is usually called scaling and polishing. They also give advice on diet and preventing dental decay. The hygienist will work with your dentist to provide care tailored to your needs depending on the levels of disease detected and visits may range from single to multiple.

This treatment is important because regular professional cleaning combined with looking after your teeth and gums well at home means a clean and healthy mouth which will improve your appearance, help you to keep your teeth and give you fresh breath.

Above all, for the benefit of our patient’s dental health and safety we believe in team work with a group approach to improving our understanding and knowledge of dental health.

Occasionally some hygiene treatment procedures may require the use of local anaesthetic. Christine our hygienist is qualified and skilled in this procedure.