At Oaklands Dental Care we pride ourselves on providing a professional and caring approach to your oral health.

apple-circleOur comprehensive check ups involve a thorough examination of your oral health. Regular check ups can ensure that we catch small problems before they turn into bigger ones. Our emphasis on prevention helps our patients avoid costly and complicated procedures.

our dental staff are skilled in a wide range of treatments. Our dentists can perform a variety of procedures to maintain the dental health of each patient. All our treatment rooms are equipped to the highest standard to ensure the best environment for your care.


Children’s Dentistry
Children and young adults under the age of 18 have free care under the National Health Service at Oaklands Dental Care.

We believe that bringing your children to the dentist from an early age helps to prepare them for any future dental procedures. We have found that this approach reduces any anxiety younger patients have towards a visit to the dentist.

Regular check ups allow us to identify potential problems at an earlier stage leading to easier and less invasive treatments.

Our main emphasis is on prevention and we offer preventative treatments where appropriate. We will work with you and your child to have a filling free healthy mouth that lasts a lifetime.